James Byes wife shares worry about raising kids with Strictly star

James Bye on celebrating the BBC's 100th anniversary on Strictly

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Strictly’s James Bye – who is also well-known for the role he’s played as Martin Fowler in Eastenders for the past eight years – is now competing for this year’s trophy on Strictly Come Dancing. However, the experience of having a famous father has often left his kids “anxious”, while the puzzled youngsters have expressed confusion over what the word “fame” even means.

It can’t always be easy for the boys having a dad that’s on the telly… but it’s all they’ve ever known

James Bye’s wife Victoria

James’ wife Victoria has candidly opened up on what family life is really like for herself and their three sons – Edward, eight, Louis, six, and Hugo, who is just three.

“It can’t always be easy for the boys having a dad that’s on the telly,” she reasoned.

“The whispers in the playground, the staring in the supermarket. But it is all they’ve ever known.”

She admitted on her Instagram page, Life With The Byes, that the pair had escaped to the countryside in Buckinghamshire in a bid to give their children a secluded home away from the hustle and bustle of London.

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However, they are still said to be affected by their association to fame.

“We finally settled in beautiful Bucks and the boys have grown up surrounded by countryside in our messy, noisy home.

“We’ve tried our best to keep things normal in the happy (and sometimes hectic) life we have. But it’s still a worry.”

She added that she feels concerned “when Louis comes home from school and anxiously asks me what ‘famous’ is.

“Or when Hugo thinks it’s normal that everyone takes selfies with his dad.”

Victoria has shared snaps of the children enjoying country walks with their parents, and of James clambering into a tree along with the two older boys in an attempt to enjoy rough and tumble play with them.

However, tranquil country walks isn’t the reality during James’ hectic working life – and she still fears how his job might impact life at school for their trio.

“We just want to wrap them up and protect them… but then I tell them. Some kids have parents that build houses, some kids have parents who work in offices – and some kids have parents that are on the telly,” she continued.

Fortunately for her, they seem to have a short attention span, preferring not to dwell on the more serious life lessons that come their way – for now.

“[James is] not different from anyone else, [he] just [has] a different job, and simple as that,” she explained.

“They nod, and then someone shouts ‘Minecraft’ and off they run. All forgotten. All as it should be!”

She added that she is sure the future will hold “more challenges and questions as they grow”.

“For now, we should just enjoy them being kiddos, talking about poo & laughing together,” she chuckled.

“Or on a day like this, simply going for a late summer’s walk and just climbing a tree with their dad.”

Meanwhile, James seemed to suggest his children are totally oblivious to his star quality, saying that they regularly laugh and poke fun at his “dad dancing”.

However, as Instagrammers praise the family and declare their antics outside of work “parenting goals”, James has vowed to give the competition his best shot – and speculation is rising that he may just be the one celebrity to walk away with this year’s Glitterball trophy.

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