Jennifer Flavin & Sly Stallone reconciled for the sake of their $400 million fortune

Would you divorce your 76-year-old husband if your worth, as a couple, was $400 million? Or would you just wait around and live somewhat separate lives? This is Jennifer Flavin’s dilemma. Or it was her dilemma, because I think she’s come to her decision. About five weeks ago, Flavin filed for divorce from Sylvester Stallone after 25 years of marriage. Then, late last week, they reconciled and the divorce is now on hold. Some said Flavin’s divorce filing woke Stallone up and made him eager to work out their differences. Some said that perhaps the whole thing was a stunt for their daughters’ reality show. Some said, to People Magazine, that Flavin and Stallone merely reconciled for the sake of their fortune. LMAO.

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin are back together, but there’s still work to be done in their relationship, a source reveals in the new issue of PEOPLE.

The couple — who reconciled in September a month after Flavin, 54, filed for divorce from Stallone, 76, her husband of 25 years — have “a better channel of communication,” says a Hollywood insider, who adds it’s not all “bliss” between the couple.

“They have their differences, but in a longterm marriage like theirs, ending it and dividing up their assets would be difficult,” continues the source.

Indeed, their fortune — which some estimates peg around $400 million — was a point of contention in Flavin’s Aug. 19 divorce filing. In the court documents submitted in Palm Beach, Florida, where the couple have a $36 million mansion, the Serious Skincare founder accused the Rocky star of “intentional dissipation of marital assets,” which, under Florida divorce law, relates to excessive spending or borrowing by a spouse.

Stallone, who had no prenuptial agreement with Flavin, denied any wrongdoing in his Aug. 29 response to her filing. On Sept. 21, the court granted an abatement, which pauses divorce proceedings.

Stallone and Flavin — who have been filming an upcoming Paramount+ reality series with their daughters Sophia, 26, Sistine, 24, and Scarlet, 20 — were also thinking about their girls as they discussed reconciling.

“They are both family-oriented,” says a source who knows the couple from the social scene in Palm Beach. “That had a lot to do with their efforts to stay together.”

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Imagine not getting a divorce because “dividing up your assets would be difficult.” Staying together for the sake of the $400 million fortune! So Flavin and Stallone don’t have a prenup, which wouldn’t have mattered anyway given the length of time they’ve been married anyway. Flavin would have likely been entitled legally to half their assets. Why accept $200 million when chances are, you’ll probably get $400 million eventually? Plus, I would think that Flavin has gotten something out of the reconciliation – perhaps they’ll put the Florida home in her name alone, or she’ll get a nice cash bonus as a 25th anniversary present.

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