Mila Kunis was left with no undergarments before 'Kimmel' appearance: ‘I am wearing children's underwear’

Mila Kunis dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday to promote her Netflix film, Luckiest Girl Alive. Kunis had all the fittings for her appearances done in Los Angeles before arriving in New York – which is where Jimmy Kimmel was taping as part of a special week in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, not all of Kunis’s clothes made it to her dressing room.

“I show up here,” Kunis told Kimmel. “I open my garment bag to put on this dress and these shoes but there's no bra, no underwear and no socks. Why I wasn't wearing those garments either is a whole other story.”

There wasn’t enough time for the costume department to find her replacements for everything she was missing so she had to rely on support from her team, literally.

“So I'm currently wearing my publicist's bra, my manager's socks, and your costume department found children's leggings from the Children's Place that we have cut into underwear.” Kunis revealed. “I am wearing children's underwear.”

Kunis was wearing a sheer dress, so making an undergarment-free appearance on national television wasn’t really in the cards. Not only did she take the underwear fiasco in stride, she later used it to chastise the audience for booing over her pizza opinions.

“L.A. has perfectly fine pizzas, guys” she said as boos came from the audience. “Hold on. You know what? You know what? I am wearing children's underwear for you!”

Jimmy Kimmel Live airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on ABC.

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