Jeremy Vine screams in near-collision with van driver as he shares tense footage

Jeremy Vine ‘I nearly got kebabed this morning’

Jeremy Vine could be heard screaming “no” in a shocking video clip that saw him have a close encounter with a van while he was riding his bike this morning.

The BBC Radio 2 presenter claimed that the driver, who have decided not to identify, was in the wrong as the star could be seen berating him as he approached his vehicle.

“I nearly got kebabed this morning,” Jeremy alleged in view of his 788,600 X (Twitter) followers. “If you know this driver, please tell him that it’s urgent that he does some kind of remedial training.”

The go-pro footage taken by Jeremy showed the journalist on his bike, with the caption showing that he was on Tavistock Place and heading west.

The footage then cut to Jeremy and the white van nearly colliding with each other, as the presenter could be heard screaming, “No, no, no!”

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“What are you doing?” Jeremy asked the driver angrily. “You don’t even look!”

“Keep going this way,” the driver could be heard as he signalled the turn he was trying to make with his hand.

“You have to wait, yeah? It’s oncoming,” Jeremy replied.

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The van driver then apologised, before driving away, and Jeremy could be heard letting out an exasperated sigh.

Jeremy’s caption then read: “I nearly got taken out by a kebab van. It’s unreal how bad some drivers are.” cannot verify Jeremy’s claims about the incident but has contacted his representatives for further comment.


This isn’t the first time Jeremy has confronted drivers with whom he has had negative experiences on the road.

Back in September, he shared drone footage that saw him calling out a driver who was sitting on his phone, before admitting he didn’t have a licence.

In July he also posted a video showing a car undertaking him as he cycled across a busy crossroad, deeming the behaviour “unacceptable”.

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