Wayne Lineker left 'devastated' following abusive chants at Crouchfest

Gary Lineker’s brother Wayne says he ‘wanted a f***ing trap door’ to open up after being left ‘devastated’ when thousands of fans chanted ‘paedo’ at him at Peter Crouch’s live show

  • Wayne Linker was one of the guests during Peter Crouch’s Crouchfest live event
  • But the O Beach owner suffered abuse from spectators inside the venue 
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Wayne Lineker has claimed he was left ‘devastated’ and ‘wanted a f***ing trap door’ to open up on stage after he was falsely accused of being a ‘paedo’ by ‘thousands of people’ after making an appearance at Crouchfest on Saturday. 

The O Beach owner was brought on stage as one of the live guests during the popular event, which was a live podcast recording in the style of a festival for ‘The Peter Crouch Podcast’ at the OVO Arena Wembley. 

After walking on stage, some spectators inside the venue shouted abuse towards the 61-year-old, before Crouch began to ask him questions about meeting famous footballers at his day club in Ibiza. As he sat down on stage the slurs grew louder, with Lineker looking unimpressed during the segment.

On Sunday, Lineker, who is the brother of former England striker and Match of the Day host, Gary, spoke out on the abuse, stating that ‘it wasn’t a nice moment.’

‘What a day, but yeah, yesterday was weird you know,’ Lineker said on his Instagram story. ‘Really, really weird. Everyone wanted to get a picture with me, saying “Wayno we love you.”

Wayne Lineker has claimed he was left ‘devastated’ and ‘wanted a f***ing trap door’ to open up on stage after he was falsely accused of being a ‘paedo’

Lineker was abused with false slurs as he emerged on stage at Crouchfest on Saturday

As abuse aimed at Lineker (left) continued, he stopped answering Crouch’s questions on stage

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‘And then I walk on stage and a couple of kids are like “paedo” and the next group were like “paedo, paedo, paedo.”

‘All of a sudden there’s thousands of people calling me a “paedo”. I’m like what the f*** man. 

‘Yeah it wasn’t a nice moment. I just wanted the stage to open up… I wanted to be Gemma Collins. That’s who I wanted to be. I wanted to just fall into that trap door.

‘But it is what it is. I think everyone that knows me has messaged me. A lot of my friends have messaged me today and are sending their love to me. 

‘But yeah. It is what it is.’ 

He captioned the clip: ‘Thank you to everyone for your beautiful messages of love.’ 

It was an awkward moment during the show, with the presenters cutting to a different segment after Lineker went on to avoid answering further questions from the hosts. 

Crouch also did not acknowledge the abusive slurs with the podcast diverting to co-host Chris Stark, who delivered a segment about the Samrat curry house in Ealing – one of the jokes on the podcast. 

In the past, Lineker has been accused of having a penchant for younger women with three of his younger partners becoming his wives. He has also previously had to defend himself from trolls.  

Fans had also falsely labelled him a ‘paedophile’ after he announced a prank fake engagement to former Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry.

Following an appearance on the television show ‘Celebs Go Dating’ the pair shared a snap together, which had made some fans angry. 

Speaking on Instagram, the O Beach owner said he had received messages of support from some close friends

Lineker previously faced similarly offensive and false slurs when he pulled a prank pretending he was engaged to his Celebs Go Dating co-star, and Geordie Shore ace, Chloe Ferry

As abuse aimed at Lineker (left) continued, he stopped answering Crouch’s questions on stage

But Lineker hit back at offensive comments made about him, writing in reference to Ferry: ‘Love you so much. I don’t care if I get abused.’

The former Geordie Shore star followed up on Instagram, stating: ‘Some of the stuff that I have had to read about him is disgusting. I can’t believe the stuff he is getting called.

‘Paedophile is such a strong word to call someone it is absolutely disgusting that he is getting called that when all his friends and family have to read that about him.

‘Wayne is one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life and he does not deserve the abuse and the awful words that are getting said about him I am disgusted having to read that.’


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