LightSkinKeisha Shuts Down BBL Accusations With Twerking Video

The ‘Play Me’ raptress takes to her Instagram account to deny the allegations and urge the accuser to ‘educate yourselves,’ though some Internet users are not buying her words.

AceShowbizLightSkinKeisha is pulling up some receipts after she was accused of having Brazilian Butt Lift. The “Play Me” raptress took to her Instagram account to deny the allegations, urging the accuser to “educate yourselves.”

“There are more surgeries out there than just a ‘BBL’!” Keisha wrote on Instagram Story on Wednesday, January 11. “I never got anything transferred into my booty, y’all just don’t wanna believe that all dis wagon I’m dragging is mineee.” She continued, “But for the girls who did have get a BBL. Do you! I love that for y’all.”

She also shared a video of her twerking in front of the camera. Donning a blue bodysuit that featured some cutouts on the front side, the femcee rocked her booty to show that her derriere was natural.

Prior to this, Keisha took to Twitter to flaunt her hourglass bod. “My booty is so big omg,” she tweeted. One of her followers responded, “Yeah you got the best bbl in the game.” The post didn’t sit well with Keisha as she fired back, “Where is the proof I got a BBL at? I’m so interested, cause y’all swear y’all know sumn lmao.”

Fans were not impressed. “Who cares girl you still had work done like everyone else,” one fan wrote. “I don’t even care if a woman get a bbl anymore. What’s important now is them making it back home & surviving the recovery,” one other shared.

“These girls always trying to play on words. Shots, bbl, lipo. You had SURGERY. Damn,” another user commented. “Girl surgery is surgery no matter what stop trying to make it seem like we need knowledge lol I love you girl,” a comment read. Accusing Keisha of lying, a person noted, Girlll stop lying you definitely wasn’t shaped like this when you first popped out please stop the lies in 2023 enough is enough.”

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