Olivia Rodrigo & Conan Gray Reunite In New TikTok, Fans Freak Out

Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray have fans freaking out on social media!

The 20-year-old “vampire” musician and the 24-year-old “Winner” singer got back together and shared a new TikTok video, set to her song “get him back!” from her new album GUTS.

The BFFs actually did the trend that is going around for the track.

Watch the video and see how fans are responding inside…

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen the two together as they have both been busy with their respective music careers.

After posting the video on her Olivia‘s TikTok, fans flooded the comments freaking out at the new piece of Olivia x Conan content, and even asked when they’re going to collab on a song together!

Conan himself wrote in the comments, “u punched me fr :((”

“finally olivia and conan again,” one fan commented, with another writing, “Conan Gray? What r u doing here?” LOL!

“my favorite duo ever,” wrote another fan. Check out the video below!

Many comments also talked about either getting waitlisted to buy tickets to the GUTS World Tour, or how they didn’t get an email, and even asked her why.

For fans who registered and got selected, they’re able to start buying tickets yesterday (September 20) and today (September 21).

♬ get him back! – Olivia Rodrigo

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