Paris Hilton Used to Sneak Khloe Kardashian Into a Bar When Theyre in Middle School

Making the admission about her wild child phase in her new memoir ‘Paris: The Memoir’, the hotel heiress claims she only went to nightclubs underage to dance and not to take drugs or drink.

AceShowbizParis Hilton used an alias and disguise to try and sneak her cousin and Khloe Kardashian into a bar when they were “little middle school girls.” The 42-year-old hotel heiress made the admission in her tell-all autobiography “Paris: The Memoir”, in which she said even though it came during her wild child phase, she only went to nightclubs underage to dance and not to take drugs or drink.

In an extract from her upcoming memoir, published by The Times on Tuesday, March 7, she said, “One night I tried to smuggle my sister Nicky, our cousin Farrah, and our friend Khloe Kardashian into Bar One. Khloe and Farrah were little middle school girls, so I did Khloe up with full makeup, a long red wig, and a floppy black hat. I put Farrah on top of somebody’s shoulders with a big trench coat. We put so much effort into our disguises, we were shocked when we didn’t get past the velvet rope. ‘I guess you need to be with someone famous,’ I said… I didn’t drink or do drugs back then. When I was a kid, fun was the only party drug I needed. I wasn’t there to get wasted; I was there to dance. Alcohol and drugs are for escaping reality, and I wanted all the reality I could get. The escape drinking didn’t happen until later.”

Paris also admitted about being so ashamed they were turned away from the nightspot she vowed to make fake IDs, “I didn’t like how it felt to be rejected in front of everyone. I wasn’t going to let it happen again. When I was 26, I hooked up fake IDs for Nicky and me.”

She said despite the bogus identity cards not “fooling anyone” because they were “getting a little bit famous,” they had “no trouble getting into Bar One (now Bootsy Bellows), Roxbury (now Pink Taco), and other hot spots.” But Paris, now settled down with her 42-year-old husband Carter Reum, whom she married in 2021 and with whom she had her son Phoenix via surrogacy in January, insisted, “We never did anything terrible; we just loved feeling free and trying to outsmart anyone who we thought was trying to keep us down. We almost always got caught and grounded again, which seemed terribly unfair to us at the time. We were just exploring. What is it like to feel sexy? What does sexy even mean? Totally valid questions for teenage girls to be investigating.”

Paris got friendly with Khloe, 38, when she shot to fame as part of the Kardashians reality show a few years after the heiress made her name on television, and she added she told her younger friend to use the alias “Betsey Johnson” when they were trying to get into clubs. Paris also details the abuse she says she endured at schools for troubled teens she attended and said in the book it is “problematic” when girls go into an “exploratory phase” of partying “feeling secretive and ill informed.”

She added, “If the message you send is, ‘We don’t talk about such things,’ then – guess what! – your kids move toward adulthood with the idea that being an adult means keeping secrets… the nuns at school didn’t teach us anything about reproductive health in biology class. We certainly didn’t cover ‘Lolita’ in English class. Mom didn’t talk about things that fell into nebulous categories like ‘private’ and ‘dirty.’ I learned the basics from feminine-hygiene ads in Seventeen (magazine)… my understanding of sexuality was a fog machine of Madonna videos, Calvin Klein commercials, and a vaguely naughty impulse that made me feel the same sting of guilt I felt when I swiped a tube of lip gloss from mom’s purse.”

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