Queens guard hits the ground face-down after fainting during State Funeral

Queen Elizabeth IIwas laid to rest on Monday 19 September following a movingState Funeralat Westminster Abbey.

Her Majesty’s final resting place was St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle where herbody was reunited with her beloved husband, Prince Philip in a private ceremony featuring just the Royal Family.

Before this, just outside of Windsor, a procession was formed featuring soldiers on foot from the Household Cavalry’s Blues and Royals and Life Guards with mounted members of the Household Cavalry regiment.

Shortly before the late monarch’s coffin was taken by her pallbearers into the Chapel, a guard standing watch dropped to the ground face-first.

This wasn’t the first time one of the Queen’s guards had fainted as before the funeral a police officer collapsed.

Earlier in the weekduring her Lying-in-State at Westminster Hall, the same happened.

The unfortunate event happened at around 1am last Thursday, just as the guard was about to change over, with one soldier dressed in black appearing to be a little unsteady on his feet ahead of the incident.

Stepping off the podium momentarily, he regained his composure and resumed position, but just a few moments later, the same guard sadly fainted and fell from the podium headfirst into the ground.

Immediately two police officers rushed to his aid to pick him up, but the live broadcast suddenly cut out, and went to images of the Houses of Parliament to allow him some privacy during the medical incident.

The Queen was honoured greatly by her guard during the funeral procession, howeverher pallbearers shared a special bondwith the late monarch.

The 12 coffin bearers have a story of their own, as they were specifically selected to carry the body of Her Majesty.

The soldiers, known as the Queen's Company, were the ones responsible for lifting Queen Elizabeth II's coffin during her funeral service at Westminster Abbey.

The 12 bearers were on operation in Iraq when the Queen died, and were deployed for their final act of service to the Queen.

It's also understood that the monarch had a strong bond with her chosen soldiers, who will paid to her during the service.

Former British Army soldier Major Adrian Weale told PA News Agency: "They became the Queen's Company immediately after the death of George VI and the Queen has been commander ever since.

"It's their role to protect her body, both in life and in death, remaining the Queen's Company until King Charles decides otherwise.

"Their duties will then be transitioned to the next monarch."


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