'Shrek 5' Release Date Apparently Leaked Through NBCU Intern's Resume


The Internet is in a frenzy right now over what looks like big ‘Shrek’ news — the apparent leaking of the release date for the 5th movie … courtesy of an intern, of all people.

Here’s the deal … “Shrek 5” is trending, and it all has to do with a screengrab of an alleged LinkedIn resume from a young woman who claims to have recently worked at NBCUniversal — the parent company of the green guy’s studio, DreamWorks.

shrek resume leak

If the screenshot is legit, the woman made a big blunder … because she’s hyping the fact she worked on ‘Shrek 5’ this year, which she says is set to come out in 2025.

As far as what she says she was doing on the film — she says consumer product work … aka, figuring out how to subtly shove brands into the movie, or product integration, if you will.

Since it was posted and widely shared … the woman’s profile’s been tweaked, with the ‘Shrek’ mention scrubbed. NBCU hasn’t officially announced a ‘Shrek 5’ just yet, but has certainly teased it in recent ‘Shrek’-adjacent films.

Obviously, there’s a HUGE fanbase for ‘Shrek’ … and folks have long been waiting for the next installment — even though the last 2 had less than great reception.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

NBCU hasn’t commented on the purported leak … but some people think this will force an official announcement to come soon.

BTW, speaking of ‘Shrek’ … there were some other related updates that surfaced, including Rita Ora dressing up as Princess Fiona (ogre version) and cruising the new Shrek swamp house that AirBnB was plugging recently. She did a weekend stay, and it looked awesome.

Shrek Fanfare

As for the next ‘Shrek’ chapter … whenever it comes out, be on the lookout for product placement — it seems it’s top of mind for the Peacock and its interns.

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