‘Teen Wolf’ Cast Talk Returning to Set in ‘Behind Beacon Hills’ BTS Series

The behind-the-scenes series Behind Beacon Hills has kicked off in anticipation of the upcoming Teen Wolf: The Movie!

In the first episode, many of the stars dish on what it was like being back on set in Beacon Hills after so many years away.

Find out what they shared and see new stills inside…

“This is full on family. It couldn’t be more family than this vibe and this show, and it’s f–king great,” Tyler Posey said.

They also teased what’s new with their characters in the upcoming movie, which takes place years after the show ended.

“When I heard the idea early on that we were gonna delve into the idea of bringing Allison back, you know, it was just like right. I don’t know what else would make sense for us to do right now,” JR Bourne said. “The show started about their relationship, that love story, so yeah, I think it makes perfect sense for this story to be about that.”

Creator Jeff Davis teased, “One of the things we really concentrated on when outlining the movie and coming up with the ideas was to give fans an uplifting story, to give them some excitement, some hope. There’s definitely danger, there’s definitely sacrifices in the movie, but I think people are going to come out feeling good about it.”

Several new stills were also recently released from the movie. Browse through the gallery to see all the pics.

Teen Wolf: The Movie premieres Thursday, January 26th on Paramount+.

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