Tyron Woodley Challenges Jake Paul To An MMA Fight!

What’s next for Jake Paul?!

That’s the question many fans are asking after The Problem Child dispatched Andre August with a vicious uppercut less than 3 minutes into their boxing match on Friday in Orlando.

TMZ Sports asked Tyron Woodley, who was behind the microphone for Paul’s scrap with August last week, who the YouTuber-turned-combat sports star should challenge next.

“I think if you’re gonna fight anyone in MMA, you fight me MMA. I’m the one that did the numbers with you. I’m the one that did the millions and millions of views in the press conference. I’m the one that was a 5x champion. I’m the one who took the fight on 2 weeks’ notice,” Woodley told us.

The UFC legend continued … “I was doing Cobra Kai for 14 hours straight. I trained at 3 AM and I saved that card. That card was not going to happen. People would not have been buying Christmas gifts had I not stepped up to the plate. So to talk about fighting anyone in MMA outside of me is disrespect.”

Tyron added … “If you really, really wanna prove that you can do it in my world, you fight the number one guy in that world.”

jake paul tyron woodley fight 2021

Of course, 26-year-old Paul signed with PFL earlier this year, and he hasn’t been shy about his desire to fight MMA.

Jake and Tyron fought twice previously … but in a boxing ring.

The first bout in August 2021 went to the judges … and Paul won by split decision. Later that year, T-Wood stepped up on short notice in place of Tommy Fury, saving the event. The former longtime UFC welterweight champion lost by 6th round knockout.

jake paul tyron woodley fight 2021

As for how 8-1 (5 KOs) Jake looked against August — billed as the first true boxer he faced — Woodley was impressed with the performance.

“I thought he did a great job.”

“I literally said, ‘Hey man, Andre better watch ducking his head ’cause he’s gonna get hit with an up, I couldn’t even say uppercut. I just got the U-P off and then he was sending him to the moon.”

Jake Paul vs. Andre August

Tyron also talked about the experience of being on the losing side of things against Jake.

“I know how it is to be on both sides of it, thinking I won the fight, and then two judges thought it went the other way, and also being in there winning the fight every millisecond of the fight, and then all of the sudden you drop your hands one time, he got enough power to get the job done,” Woodley said.

“I just respect the fact that he can do all the media, all that press, all that shenanigans, all that pressure, all that promoting the fight and fighting on the fight, and then go out there and put on a performance.”

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