Utah Mom Discusses Risks of Carrying Son's Baby at Age 56

The 56-year-old Utah mom carrying her son’s baby says while the pregnancy brings the potential for health risks, there’s been a lot of love and peace through the whole process.

Nancy Hauck and her daughter-in-law, Cambria, joined TMZ Live Friday to talk about the unique family dynamic as they patiently await the arrival of the new baby girl. Nancy’s carrying her son, Jeff, and his wife Cambria’s baby after a life-saving hysterectomy left Cambria unable to support a pregnancy.

Nancy tells us she’s the one who volunteered to carry the embryo, and at first, she didn’t even think it was medically possible.

Nancy and Cambria said a lot of research and advice went into the decision, and so far everything is going smoothly … both Nancy and baby are healthy. Doctors cautioned the family that at Nancy’s age there’s more risk of hypertension and gestational diabetes, but everything is clear.

One thing Nancy and Cambria both echo, there’s been a lot of peace and love through the whole thing … and they’re excited to welcome the baby girl into the world, and let her know the unique story of how she came to be.

Nancy is due November 5, Jeff and Cambria already have two sets of twins … making kiddo #5 for the couple.

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