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IF you're getting bored of always having sex in the bedroom, then you might want to try out one of these standing positions to add a little spice to your week.

From the simple to the advanced, there are a host of positions out there that you can try standing with your partner, and here we run down the seven best.

The Stork

To master this position, you’ll need a certain degree of flexibility as ideally you should lift one leg up, but it's not as daunting as it seems as you'll be leaning against a table. 

Website Sex Positions explains exactly how to master the pose – and why it’s a must for your weekend to-do list.

They said: “The man stands back to the table, slightly rests on it with his buttocks with his legs shoulder-width apart. 

“The woman stands facing the partner. One of her legs is on the floor, the second is on the tabletop.

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“She bends it at the knee and lifts it onto the tabletop. She wraps her arms around his neck. 

“The male partner takes his lover by the shoulders or he can caress her back and buttocks.”

The Stand and Deliver

This position does include an element of laying down, for the woman.

But instead of a bed, choose a waist-high piece of furniture, such as a kitchen table or a desk.

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“He stands next to her with her legs resting on his shoulders," Lovehoney’s sex expert, Sammi Cole, explained.

“He enters her, allowing him to thrust as fast or as slow as you both desire.”

And Sammi shared a tip for an even deeper connection, adding: “Get extra satisfaction by maintaining eye contact as you are both about to orgasm.”

The 70

While the 69 involves both partners simultaneously getting pleasure lying down, the 70 will see you experience passion vertically.

It works by the man starting on his knees with the woman’s legs wrapped around his neck.

Next he carefully rises onto his feet so that the woman can reach the floor with her hands and support her body weight.

She then arches her back so she can reach his manhood orally, and she should be perfectly positioned to receive oral pleasure too.

The position is mutual satisfying orally but will certainly require some physical skill to achieve – so prepare to get bendy ladies.

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You’ll definitely have a lot of fun trying to nail the raunchy move.

The X Marks the Spot

The 'X marks the spot' sex position will give your man maximum pleasure.

And, according to Bustle, it's a pretty simple one to get into with your lover.

All you need to do is "have your partner stand facing you while you lie on your back.

"Cross your legs and rest them against their chest."

They add that "this position is not only a tight fit, but it provides a great view for both of you".

The Wheelbarrow

This is a fairly self-explanatory position, which involves the woman getting on her hands and feet and her partner picking her up by her pelvis.

The woman can then use her thighs to grip her partner's waist, while she can rest on a table or the side of the bed to give her arms a break.

As well as giving the woman an arm workout, the position is great for encouraging super-deep penetration and is enjoyable for both partners.

The Upstanding Citizen

To achieve this position, which is the perfect call for against-the-wall sex, begin standing up, facing each other.

The woman should then straddle her partner, wrapping their legs around his body.

The man should support his partner with his arms.

It's a good idea to start from the bed if you're feeling a bit apprehensive, but a standing end will be explosive for both of you, as the position of your partner's pelvis will stimulate your clitoris as you grind up against one another.

The Quickie Fix

This is a fabulous position to try if you're in the market for some quick, hot sex.

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The woman should bend over at the hips, as if she's trying to touch her toes.

The man can then enter her from behind, and can put his hands on her hips to give him extra thrusting power.

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