I’m a mum-of-three & ditched my home to live in a shed, we’ve turned it into a house but it’s basically a garbage can | The Sun

A MUM-OF-THREE has revealed that she decided to live in a tiny shed rather than a house.

Savannah, from Texas, US, explained that she ditched her 1,800 sq ft house in the city for a converted 600 sq ft shed in the country.

The self-confessed 'crunchy mom' claimed she would do it again and doesn't regret downsizing, despite her home 'being a garbage can'.

With five people living in the tiny space, plenty of Savannah's followers have asked how she keeps it tidy.

But the reality is that it often isn't.

In one TikTok video, Savannah said: "Who said I live in a tidy home?


We’re a family-of-four & renovated a tiny trailer to live in – we love it

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"I'm not, this is my garbage can, and I'm the trash."

She explained they bought the land to live on from her grandad to help pay for his care as the family had enough of city life.

The shed was purchased from a family friend and transported onto the land while the family lived in an RV.

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Savannah shared a tour of her tiny home in another video.

Their home now features a walk-in shower, a fully working kitchen, three bedrooms, and a living room – impressive for how small it is.

Plenty of people wonder how the family of five has been able to downsize so much as Savannah said it was the most popular comment left on her videos.

But many are in awe of their living arrangements, one wrote: "That's amazing. It's so much bigger than it looks from the outside! I love it."

Another commented: "I am absolutely in love with this. Having three kids of my own and living in a decent size house it’s so easy to go overboard with buying STUFF."

A third penned: "Wow so wonderful!!!! You have made the very best use of space in your home!! Thanks for sharing, it’s inspiring!"

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