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WANT to spruce up your smile without jetting off to Turkey? There's an easy fix – and it'll cost you just £25.

As a nation that loves a warming cuppa – as well as a cheeky glass of red wine – our teeth are prone to turning slightly darker and more yellow.

But what if you could achieve the perfect Hollywood smile without having to fly out abroad for a new set of veneers?

Well, according to cash-savvy beauty fans there's a new product in town and it will give sparkly pearly whites for under £30 – and even celebs, including Mimi Keene, swear by it.

Mimi, who starred in the Netflix cult favourite series Sex Education, recently revealed she starts her beauty regime with teeth whitening strips by the brand Gleam Teeth.

The perfect-gnasher kit, which is currently on sale for £25, has been voted as one of the UK's best whitening strips – and they're perfect for delivering results on the go.

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Acording to the brand – which even shared a video revealing just how effective the strips are – the teeth whitening essentials are formulated with an advance active whitening ingredient called PAP.

Their secret formula will instantly whiten and brighten your smile whilst ensuring no damage to your enamel or causing tooth sensitivity.

Not only will you be left with a dazzling smile in just 30 minutes, the kit is also mess and fuss-free, and the formula is said to be vegan-friendly.

To demonstrate how amazing the results are, Gleam Teeth team cut a strip in half and applied it on just one side of the gnashers – and the transformation was incredible.

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Within half an hour, the gnashers which had received the treatment appeared significantly brighter than the ones without the whitening strip.

However, whilst it may be tempting to snap up the kit right away, it's also important to note that the formula will only whiten natural teeth.


Those with veneers and composite bonding may not experience the same results – however, the kit won't cause any damage, the brand added.

The dazzling smile will last around nine to 12 weeks, but it's recommended to use a strip once a week to maintain the perfect Hollywood look.

The effective yet delicate formula is also said to minimise the appearance of yellowing teeth from smoking.

But if you're on the lookout for more natural remedies, turns out your fridge also offers foods that can whiten the smile.

According to one expert, Dr Krystyna Wilczynski, a cosmetic dentist and facial aesthetician, some everyday groceries, such as strawberries and broccoli, which are healthy for your teeth.

For instance, eating raw broccoli can act as a natural toothbrush to remove external staining on our teeth – and the veggie also contains high levels of iron, which reduces acid erosion leading to discolouration of teeth.

Meanwhile, strawberries are packed with malic acid, which is a natural tooth whitener and actively removes stains – a sweet deal!

Snacking on tart fruits, including pineapples and oranges, will cause the mouth to produce more saliva – however, be careful not to go too crazy, as the relatively high acid count isn't great for your teeth.

Fellow cheese lovers will also be delighted to hear that their favourite dairy snack is packed with calcium and protein – which is great for strengthening enamel, the part of the tooth responsible for keeping them white.

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