I built a tiny home village for needy houseguests – we even have a 'catio' and a real-life dog house, it's ridiculous | The Sun

AN animal lover built a tiny home village for her needy houseguests that includes a "catio" and a real-life dog house – it might be ridiculous but the animals love it.

Paige has a TikTok account with nearly 400,000 followers where she shares content on her animal sanctuary for creatures with complex medical needs.

In one of her videos, she shows off her tiny home village where she houses the animals.

The video showcases the main dog house for when the pooches need to be away from her or need time to themselves.

"They'll be rotating and taking turns out here in their little dormitory," Paige said.

The home was filled with dog beds lining the floor and had a lot of space for the pups to rest and play in.

There was also plenty of land for the dogs to run outside as well.

The home had tiled floors, an air conditioner, and a ceiling fan.

Inside, there was also a cage and several blankets for the dogs.

For the cats, Paige has built a similar style home with their own "catio" to enjoy the sun in.

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"You ever just feel like running away to the country and building a tiny house village for animals?" read Paige's caption. "Yeah, me too."

Her video received several comments from fellow animal lovers who adored the small homes.

"Take me and my dog!" wrote one person. "We'll help sleep in a tiny house."

"How wonderful for all the doggies and kitties!" wrote another person. "You are simply the best."

"You are living the dream," wrote a third person.

A fourth wrote: "This is so precious!! This is the life I aspire to have!"

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