Bridesmaid slammed for ‘inappropriate’ dress which is ‘definitely not okay for a wedding’ | The Sun

"THE BRIDE is always right" has been the number one rule of participating in a matrimonial ceremony.

One bridesmaid decided to push her limits with her wardrobe choice for the big day, and people were not particularly cheerful about the unsuitable dress.

A friend of the bride took to Reddit under the username Spaceinvader to share the contentious fashion choice and receive feedback from fellow users of the social media platform.

"Screenshots the bride sent me from a bridesmaid about the dress she was thinking of wearing to the wedding," Spaceinvader wrote. "She wanted to know if her response was okay/not too controlling."

"So I'm thinking of going with a simple slip dress," the text read. "I know it's super basic of me and I apologise for this lol."

"[Redacted] only told me a couple of days ago that I'm apparently going to some family members wedding which is a week after yours," the bridesmaid continued.


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"Which has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works for me financially as I'll need to get a dress for that too," she added. "ANYWAYS I'm super keen to see you this weekend, I can't believe how quick this is all happening."

The bridesmaid sent an accompanying text of what appeared to be a white slip dress.

The bride sent Spaceinvader her tentative response to the tone deaf bridesmaid.

"Oh okay fair enough," the unsent text read. "Is that like a cream colour or green? I can't tell sorry!"

"Slip dress is nice," the bride-to-be added. "I just don't want your outfit to look an off colour next to mine cause mine is like white as white gets if that makes sense! Very excited to see you."

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Reddit users chimed in with their opinions on the bridesmaid's controversially-colored dress and some speculated a culture-clash, but the theory was quickly shot down.

"She seems British?" the Redditor inquired. "The 'don’t wear white' thing is more American so she may not even be thinking of it."

"As a Brit, it’s definitely not okay here either," another Redditor replied.

"Your friend needs to do both herself and the other bride a favor by being firm and telling her this dress is not an okay color for a wedding," another commented.

"Honestly your friend needs to be more firm in her message back," another wrote. "No isn’t a bad word, it’s an inappropriate colour."

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