I’m a waitress – how we double our tips just by using a certain hairstyle, but it feels gross | The Sun

A WAITRESS has shared the hairstyle secret that helps her make more money in tips and takes minimal effort.

The woman shared in a TikTok video how she was able to double her tips at the restaurant simply by changing to a different hairstyle that has some psychological benefits.

Numerous people in the food service industry have taken to TikTok to share their stories about how making subtle changes to their appearance led them to receive more tips.

TikTok user Grace, known as @wildlyhotverymentallyill on the platform, went viral after sharing a video that read on-screen "When you wear pigtails to work and make double amount of tips than usual."

The video has since garnered over 300,000 likes and spurred a series of videos with bartenders and servers talking about how they financially benefited from doing the hair hack.

Digital creator Bella Woodard, known as @b_woodard on TikTok, saw Grace's video and took it upon herself to try the trick herself in her own TikTok, which has received almost a million likes.

"So, I watch this TikTok about this girl. She's a waitress. I'm a waitress…over how she gets more tips when her hair's in a pigtail," Woodard says at the start of her video.

The course of the video is Woodard getting ready for her restaurant shift, where she plans to implement the money tip.

She slicks the front of her hair back and gives it a middle part before pulling it into braided pigtails.

"And if this works, I'm just going to say that that is, like, so weird and gross, but I'm down for more tips," she confesses.

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Woodard says in the video that she is going to test out the hack and share if it worked out or not at the end of the video.

She lets viewers know that her efforts were in fact fruitful.

"Y'all were not lying. I got a $135 tip by one guy tonight. Wear pigtails to work. I'm about to be doing this every day," she declares as the video comes to a close.

According to Professor William Michael Lynn from Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration, he believes that the success of the trick is due to the fact that it makes women appear younger which in turn raises their sex appeal.

Viewers in the comments had mixed feelings about the appearance-based tipping scheme.

"Cool I’m never putting pigtails in my daughter's hair again," one user commented.

"I wear them, too! But I don't work a job that brings tips, I have a fixed salary. I just want people to be less mean lmao. Works every time," another added.

"Never worked for me and I didn’t even know about this. I just liked the style," one user wrote.

"This older woman who was a server at an old job always wore pigtails & I NEVER knew why…until now," another shared.

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