I booked a massage but had no idea it was a 'happy ending' one – it was terrifying but there were some key red flags | The Sun

SHE was feeling a bit tense, so decided to book herself a massage.

But what Maggie McGaugh hadn't realised is that she'd booked her appointment at a salon specialising in "happy ending" massages.

Maggie took to TikTok tell her story, as well as revealing the red flags she should have spotted along the way.

"First off, I booked it at 9pm," she said.

"They answered the phone at 9pm which should have been a red flag but I I continued.

"I pull up, it doesn’t look great but hey, whatever.

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"I walk in, there are no doors , only curtains, which I’m a little nervous about.

"I definitely got hidden video camera vibes so I even looked around for cameras and proceeded with the massage which, again, come on!"

Maggie was told to remove her clothes down to her comfort level, but noted she always leaves her underwear on.

"She comes in and really quickly rips my underwear down to my knees," she continued.

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"And I was like, ‘What’s happening?!” Very uncomfortable.

"But to make matters worse, she folds back the sheet that’s already very small.

"So I’m completely exposed, booty up.

"I freeze in this instance, I’m not going to lie, I’m absolutely confused. I don’t want to be rude if this is normal.

"She then sits on my thighs."

At that point, Maggie reached down and pulled her underwear back up, telling the woman "no thank you", and indicating that she just wanted her shoulders massaged.

"The poor woman was very confused as to why I was not into this," she said.

"The massage was great once we established our boundaries."

Following the appointment, Maggie realised that there is a website that lists the salons that specialise in "happy ending" massages – and that salon was on it.

"The happy ending for me was leaving," she said.

"And the not so happy ending was realising that they were on that website.

"And that I had indeed booked myself a happy ending massage."

"Not me watching this right before I leave for a massage appt," one person commented on the video.

"I did this on accident too but when I got to the front desk they told me they only massage men," another added.

"That is how I figured it out."

"If the place has a pink sign, italic or written typography, MOST likely it’s gonna offer those 'services'," someone else commented.

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To which Maggie replied: "I can say the branding didn’t give me any hints.

"But once I looked up all the local options, ALL of their logos matched."

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