I bought an old school bus for dirt cheap at an auction and converted it myself…you won’t believe how nice my kitchen is | The Sun

FOR those fed up with spending all of their money on rent or a mortgage and barely having any cash left at the end of the month – you’ve come to the right place.

23-year-old Heather McLarry, from Texas was left feeling overwhelmed and nervous at what her future would hold once she graduated.

The young American had seen an advert for an old school bus on Facebook and decided to take the plunge and place a bid on it.

For just £3,2000, Heather purchased the retired yellow school bus and gave it a glam makeover, so that she could live and travel around in it.

Heather took to TikTok to show off her bus and to explain why she made the decision to buy an old school bus, rather than a van.

She said: “Hi guys, my name’s Heather and I live in this school bus.

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“I converted it myself and for all of the new people here I wanted to show you the inside of it.

“When you walk in the door, I have a basket that keeps my tank, behind the driver’s chair I keep a bunch of random junk.

“As you come over to the right I have my kitchen area.

“The kitchen area is the perfect size for me.

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“I have my fridge, it’s the perfect size for me.

“As you walk to the back I have my bed – before you get to the bed I have cabinets on both sides.

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“And that’s it!” 

We think Heather’s bus looks great and is extremely cosy for her and her dog.

In another video, Heather revealed: “Five reasons why I bought a school bus and decided to convert that over a van.

“Number one, it’s cheaper for the amount of space that I’m getting.

“I paid $3,500 [£3.2k] for my school bus, it was retired from school, they auctioned it off and I got it really cheap and there’s a lot of space in it.

“Number two, I love how much natural light there is, there’s windows literally all around it which I personally love.

“All the vans that were in my price range had one window or no windows and honestly it was depressing to me.

“Number three, because my bus is painted white at the moment it looks like a prison bus, so people don’t really bother me because they think it’s a prison bus.

“Number four, obviously the bus was built for children so it was built to last, it’s very durable and I hardly have any problems with it.

“Number five, at this current state of life, I feel that it fits me best”. 

TikTok fans were very impressed with Heather’s bus and the price she paid, with many taking to the comments to express this.


Another added: “OBSESSED”. 

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A third commented: “Your bus is so cute”. 

Someone else noted: “That’s so cool”. 

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