Woman shows difference between real and edited pics and says ‘don’t be fooled’

The photos you see of celebrities and models aren't typically a reflection of real life.

And Karina Irby pointed out that all the filters and fakery can be detrimental to your self-esteem.

The swimwear designer, from Australia, admitted she used to slather on makeup after looking at airbrushed pictures in magazines.

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But as she works as an influencer now, she's realised the camera can lie.

The 32-year-old posted two snaps – one natural and the other retouched – to show how easy it is to alter your appearance.

She captioned the post with the words "don't be fooled".

The body positivity advocate continued: "Airbrushed images almost destroyed me.

"Why didn’t I look like this? Why can’t I be 'nOrMaL'?

"I would buy full coverage foundation and cover my legs in it when I went to school. I wanted to do anything to look like images I saw… well… everywhere!

"If only one company, one person or one brand decided to stand up and advertise someone without the edit my ENTIRE world would have changed for the good.

"And no doubt millions of others.

"Thank god for social media in this respect for the young men and women of today.

"This post is for 16 year old Karina and everyone else who needed this today."

Karina's post garnered more than 20,900 likes and plenty of positive comments.

One responder wrote: "Love this and love you for always keeping it real!

"I hope that the little girls and teenagers of this generation grow up feeling so much more confident than girls of my generation."

Another said: "Gosh I have spent over 20 years at war with my body.

"I wish I knew all this while I was growing up. So much wasted time makes me sad."

And a third added: "Yes girl. Thank you for this.

"I have felt such depression when viewing images on social media. Thanks for changing the stigma."


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