I did a bikini haul in front of my grandma – she 'couldn't believe what she was seeing' and her reaction was priceless | The Sun

A TIKTOKER bonded with her grandma in the strangest way and shared it for all to see.

Instead of doing a typical bikini haul for her more than 138,000 TikTok followers, Gracie (@Grace_Donner) decided to involve her grandmother in the mix.

Gracie had her grandmother, whom she calls "Nana," rate her bikinis to let her know which ones she should keep.

The first bikini was a skimpy light green two-piece with a triangle top and high-cut bottoms.

"What do we think?" Gracie asked.

Nana was speechless for a second, staring at Gracie with her mouth wide open.

"OMG. I can't believe what I'm seeing," she said as Gracie laughed.

"What would you rate it out of 10?" Gracie asked.

But Nana had an amazing comeback instead.

"I used to have a body like that but I never wore a bikini," she said before telling Gracie she should "most definitely" keep it.

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The second swimsuit was a brown, strapless one-piece that Nana called "precautions."

"It's less revealing," she said, comparing it to the first swimsuit. "You gotta keep them thinking what's behind the bathing suit."

Much like the first one, Nana gave her blessing and told Gracie to keep it.

The third bathing suit had a shocked reaction from Nana as Gracie wowed in an emerald green, strapless two-piece.

"Wow! A little too much revealing by my granddaughter," she said as Gracie laughed.

"I like the color," Gracie said.

"Well, I'm so happy you like the color. Do you think the people on the beach will like the color!" Nana responded.

When Gracie asked if it was too revealing to keep, Nana suggested that she ask her parents.

"I'm 23, I can do whatever I want," said Gracie.

Next, Gracie donned a light green one-piece in a similar pattern to the first bathing suit she tried on.

"This better?" she asked.

"Well, it's not revealing. It's very stunning on your body," said Nana.

However, Nana said she liked the first one but asked Gracie not to show her anymore but her granddaughter said she had one swimsuit left.

The last bathing suit was a floral two-piece that made Nana shout "OMG" for the second time.

"And what the heck is this thing for?" Nana asked, pointing at the charm on Gracie's top.

Gracie explained it was for decoration, which prompted Nana to make a funny joke to close out the video.

"Well, do you know what? I listened to National Geographic the other day and they put it on TV and they ask, why do mermaids wear seashells?"

"Why?" Gracie asked.

"Because the B shells are too small!" Nana said, causing both women to laugh.

Nana was an absolute hit amongst Gracie's followers, who all loved her quick wit.

"Omg I love her," wrote one person.

"The mermaid joke! Sher's so sweet oh my goodness!!" wrote another person.

A third wrote: "We need more of her/both of y'all, I'm obsessed, dynamic duo right here!"

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