Faith is bitten by a snake in Casualty amid her drug withdrawal symptoms

Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) picks a terrible day to try to withdraw from the drugs she’s been addicted to in recent Casualty episodes when she’s roped in to working on her day off – and finds herself right in the middle of the drama when a snake goes missing somewhere in the department.

Faith has been self-medicating with pills to cope with her day to day life after being raped last year. Although she was able to tell boyfriend Iain (Michael Stevenson) about the rape, after he told her his attitude to drug-taking she didn’t feel able to confide in him about her addiction and took the decision to flush the rest of her pills down the toilet.

In Saturday (May 27)’s episode the team are looking after a woman who’s been bitten by a snake at an animal park and Stevie (Elinor Lawless) and Faith try to work out how to treat such a rare case as the woman’s health goes downhill rapidly. Then complete horror sets in when they realise that the woman brought the snake in with her – and it’s now vanished from her bag and could be anywhere.

And after we learned previously that Cameron (Barney Walsh) is keen on Jodie (Anna Chell), he tries to impress her by being a bit more assertive at work – with very mixed results.

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