I did a size-10 Oh Polly haul – apparently I hate wearing bras, luckily I don't need one with anything I bought | The Sun

A BIRTHDAY dress haul has revealed an important detail for one surprised lady.

Her size-10 Oh Polly shopping spree demonstrated to her that she hates wearing bras.

Fortunately for her, she didn't need one with anything she bought and she was very happy with that.

Turning 35, Lorena Flores (@_floreslorena), a Los Angeles entrepreneur, was planning a celebration party.

But first, she had to decide on an outfit from her haul, and it featured some winners and losers.

“Help me pick out my birthday party dress," she said in her post.

"I’m having a birthday party this weekend and it's an all-white party. [But] I have white dresses, and I have one black jumpsuit and a red dress."

“Everything is from Oh Polly," she said as she proceeded to try on her haul.

Violetta Mini Dress in Red – $52

First out of her shopping bags was the Violetta Mini Dress in in red, with a tie-up at the back.

She was excited to try it on: “Thought it’d be cute. Maybe do like a pop of red. It has this little cupcake flare, I like that."

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There was something else about this item that would set the tone for the rest of her haul.

" I don’t have to wear a bra with this," she figured.

Long-sleeve Mini Dress in White – $52

This was a dress she was also looking forward to trying on.

It was also a hit with her followers: "This is the dress I was really excited about."

There were some initial reservations, but it had one knockout feature.

"It looks boring from the front, but the party is in the back," she said, turning around for the viewer to catch the full impact of this dress.

She was beginning to fall in love with it: “I like the way it looks with heels."

And there would be no bra with this one either: "With a bit of boob tape and my hair down it might work."

High Neck Open Back White Mini Dress – $49

Next, it was the turn of another white dress, but it wasn't happening for her.

”This is really similar to the long sleeve one but it’s really big.

"Looks like we’re going to Sunday mass. Pass on this one," she said.

Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit in Black – $49

Like her white, bodycon dress, this black bodysuit made an impression and she felt amazing in it.

“I don’t think I’m wearing this for my birthday, but this is so freaking cute.

"It is so comfortable. With heels, it’s the perfect length. Very Jessica rabbit, I love it."

At the end of her haul, one thing was very clear: “Apparently I hate wearing bras.”

Commenters were clear which was their favorite.

“The white long-sleeved one for sure. It looks incredible," said this person.

“White is great, on it's the one. The red needs some accessories" figured another.

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This fan had eyes for only one item: “The white dress with the long sleeves. You are killing it."

But the red might work, was the opinion of this viewer: “I say red so you can stand out since it’s an all-white party.”

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