I got an initial tattoo on my side boob but it came out wrong – now I'm looking for a man whose name starts with J | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has shared the unfortunate tattoo mishap that now dictates who she dates.

The content creator showed her followers the ink mistake on her side boob.

TikTok user Phoebe (@phoebb_f) joked about her now limited dating life after a tattoo font error.

In her video, the influencer explained that she had planned on getting a tattoo of the letter T on her side.

However, due to unclear cursive, Phoebe looked as though she was declaring her love for someone with a different first initial.

"When you were supposed to get a T tattoo but now you basically have a J on your side boob," she told viewers.

Phoebe pulled down the side of her black crop top to show viewers the confusing letter.

The TikToker's frustration was understandable as the uppercase T in cursive appeared to look more like a J.

What was evidently supposed to be a touching tribute, complete with a love heart outline next to it, was now a meaningless symbol.

However, Phoebe poked fun at the situation by claiming she just needed to fall in love with someone whose name begins with the letter J.

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"Where are my J’s at? I’m taking it as a sign," she joked in the caption of the video.

Another influencer shared her tattoo mishap that resembled a "wonky banana."

One woman shared her tattoo removal journey after getting her ex's name inked on her face.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the tattoo fail.

One viewer took the opportunity to jokingly shoot his shot with Phoebe.

"One small line away from being an R," they wrote.

Another impressed follower commented: "Legally changing my name to Jason."

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