I have 28i-cup boobs & tried Kim Kardashian’s Skims swim – the tops squeezed me so much | The Sun

AN optimistic shopper was disappointed by her recent Skims purchases when the fit wasn't quite right.

Jen Warnes tried Skims swimwear and was not too happy when her band and cup size didn't seem to be compatible with most of the items.

After receiving several recommendations and many reviews, Jen always finds herself influenced to try Skims.

In the final part of her recent TikTok haul, she puts on three different swim options from Kim Kardashian's brand and isn't as blown away as she wanted.

Her luck as a 28i isn't always the best, especially when she tries Skims.

Hoping that would change, she went online and spent $296 on two bikini tops, a bottom, and a one-piece.


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"Does Skims swim work for a small band and large cup size?" Jen questions at the start of the video.

"Why do I keep doing this to myself?" she continues as she changes into the first suit option.

Jen puts on the $108 Shaping Swim Cami One Piece, and there is barely any room for her girls in there.

"This is just like squishing me in with no room in the chest area. Straps are also very thin and digging into my shoulders, and I have them adjusted in the loosest way," she admits.

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While the one-piece is cute, Jen believes the practicality and comfortability levels are too low for someone with her chest size.

The suit is better suited for women with smaller chests.

Next, the $58 Shaping Swim High Waist Bikini Bottom fits her better than she thought it would.

"The bottoms on this one are nice. They really sort of pull and hug you in, love how high-waisted they are," she says.

But she doesn't love the top as much.

She puts on the $62 Shaping Swim Bandeau Bikini Top with the two straps first.

"Again, just a little small on the snug side, digging in with the straps," Jen says.

However, with the straps removed, the top fits a bit better as it's not as tight or constricting in her chest and shoulder area.

"It's not a perfect fit, but I do think it looks quite nice," she admits.

The last top doesn't work for her, either.

She tries on the $68 Shaping Swim Unlined Underwire Bikini Top.

Jen claims: "This one's going to be a no for me. This doesn't quite fit right, my boob is hanging out the bottom of it and the cup is just not where it really needs to be."

One viewer agreed that the bottoms were the best part.

"Skims bottoms are phenomenal they absolutely have no idea how to deal with a big cup and small ribcage," they wrote.

A frustrated shopper added: "You’d think Kim, a woman with a larger chest, would design swimwear with that in mind."

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