I have a 9-month-old and another baby due in 6 months – people always say the same thing & I’m nervous | The Sun

GIVING birth is seriously tough and having a toddler can be extremely challenging for any new parent.

But one mum has revealed that although she has a nine-month-old baby, she didn’t want to let this stop her from expanding her family. 

Social media user Maraena Scarbrough explained that she has a young toddler but wanted to have another child very soon after giving birth, and now, her child is nine-months-old, and she is also three-months pregnant.

Maraena has over 67k followers and 1.1million likes on TikTok and has taken to the video sharing platform to share her situation. 

The mum posted a video with the statement: “How people respond any time they find out I’m three months pregnant and have an 8-month-old”, which she paired with the trending TikTok audio that says: “Wow, crazy, you’re crazy girl”. 

Maraena explained: “For those of you wondering… yes this was planned.

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“We didn’t get on birth control or anything after I had her and started trying around 3.5/4 months postpartum.”

In another clip, Maraena seemed nervous at the thought of giving birth again so soon, as she said: “My daughter turning 9-months-old today and just now realising I give birth again in less than 5 months”. 

However, although the mum looked nervous, she confirmed: “So excited to be a girl mum of two beautiful babies here in a couple months!

“I always used to picture this day.”

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Maraena confirmed that she is “humble enough to know having two under two is going to be hard, but cocky enough to know if anyone can handle it, I can.

“No one said it’s gonna be easy but we wanted this and this mama is ready”. 

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One TikTok user asked: “Are you nervous about having two babies so young? I have a 3 month old and I kind of want another but so scared it’ll be too much!” to which Maraena responded “I get a little nervous but I’m excited! My mom had 3 under 2 so I figure if she can I can”. 

TikTok users were left divided at Maraena’s situation – while some were thrilled for the mum and revealed they too had two young children, others were shocked at why the mum wouldn’t wait and leave a gap in between having children.

One person said: “So happy for you, mama!!!” 

Another added: “I have a 15 month old and a 5 month old. It's definitely hard but it gets manageable as each day passes!” 

A third commented: “I had a 2 month old and got pregnant. 11 months apart!” 

However, one person stated: “Birth control is available”.

Someone else slammed: “Planning something that puts your baby at risk. Good job momma”.

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Another questioned: “Why did you choose to plan to conceive before 6 months PP when it’s recommended to wait?”.

One asked: “Why not wait?” to which Maraena simply said “Because we didn’t want to”.

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