I wear my Louboutins for 20 minutes then buy the next pair – people say it’s a waste but they look great on my shelf | The Sun

A DESIGNER gear fan has revealed she wears most of her pricey shoes for just 20 minutes before putting them on the shelf for the rest of the life.

TikTok user Shirley G. (@sgunfiltered), from Toronto, Canada, is no stranger to high-end fashion – her style collection boasts numerous expensive pairs of heels and boots… most of which she doesn't wear.

Despite having forked out a fortune for the footwear, Shirley revealed that quite a few of these designer shoes she's worn just once – and that too, for less than half an hour.

The young woman took to TikTok to walk her 1.5k followers through the collection of items she regrets buying and will never reach for again.

''They will solely be sitting on the shelf for aesthetic purposes,'' Shirley explained in the video.

One of these, she revealed, was a pair of nude Louboutins heels that had a cute buckle detailing.

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Although she described the heels as ''sexy'', they weren't particularly comfortable, as Shirley could only last 20 minutes in them.

''Hurt so bad, could not walk in them. I felt handicapped.''

There seemed to be a running theme in the impressive collection, as the next pair was also Louboutins – this time, knee-high boots in black.

The chunky platform of the 12 inch heels, Shirley claimed, was too much to handle – the boots were worn once for 20 minutes.

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''Super sexy, in great condition – you know, because I never wore them again after dinner that one night.''

Another high-end retailer that had let her down was Louis Vuitton – their heeled suede boots are also now sitting on Shirley's shelf.

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''Wore these twice maybe, super painful. Never wearing again,'' she vowed.

It's not just heels that have made her feet hurt – Gucci espadrilles, which typically retail for over £500, had also made it on the video.

However, Shirley added that this was her fault – despite realising they were too small, she purchased the pricey pair anyway, hopeful she'd be able to stretch it out.

''I wore them indoors once – and that's the end of these shoes. I've been holding onto them for a few years.

''It's really embarrassing. But I don't want to take a loss on them, sadly.''

Yet another pair sitting amongst the rest of them is by Valentino – stunning velvet heels with an adorable bow detailing.

The only ''saving Grace'', she chuckled, was that she had nabbed it on a sale and paid almost £150.

''I know that's still a lot of money. I don't know why I bought these.

''It was the velvet bow phase and I've been stuck with these shoes. Don't know what to do. Never worn them.''

Last up in the clip was a pair of black pumps by Aquazurra that usually go for more than £600.

Despite only rocking them just twice at a dinner, Shirley said they were ''super painful'' to move around with.

''It's like a steep slope. But they are really cute to just look at.''

After being met with criticism, Shirley explained: ''I try them on in-store and walk around for <5 mins but walking on the carpet doesn’t hurt as much as a night out.''

Fellow fashion fans were mortified, as hundreds flocked to comments to express their frustration.

One wondered: ''Isn’t anybody else shocked about how quickly the red bottom of the Loubs are ruined after wearing them for 20 minutes????''

Another laughed: ''The twenty minutes shoe collection.''

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''Yes you can make some money sell them and put a down payment on a house,'' someone else advised.

''Please make better choices in life my girl, these are one too many shoes,'' a fourth begged.

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