I have big boobs and I'm part of the 'no bra club' – other women judge me but I don't care | The Sun

A MODEL with big boobs had told how she’s a proud member of the no bra club – even though other women judge her for it.

Kayla Keen, 25, hates wearing one and reckons it’s much more comfortable going without.

But she doesn’t think it’s fair that she’s criticised for it when people with small boobs do the same and it’s viewed as more acceptable.

Kayla, who quit her job with a bank’s fraud prevention department to do OnlyFans, says: “I much prefer not wearing a bra, if I can get away with not wearing one I will. 

“It’s so much more comfortable. If I wear a bra it’s ‘showing off my boobs too much’ but if I don’t and my nipples show it’s like I might as well go out topless from the looks I get.

“It’s funny, men always seem to like it when I don’t wear one, I get loads of stares and comments.

“But women – especially older women –  tend to give a disapproving tut or eye roll.

“Maybe because they’d be picking theirs up off the floor if they went braless.”

Kayla adds: “It’s annoying that girls with small boobs can go braless with not even a second glance but bigger boobs cause such a stir.”

The adult entertainer, from Glasgow, previously told how she even suffered from “big boob problems” on her 21st birthday night out after she was dress coded by bouncers.

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