I live in a bus with my whole family – it's way cheaper than a house, we don’t pay for gas and electricity at all | The Sun

WITH the cost of living crisis causing stress for many households up and down the country, it seems that once we pay our rent and bills, our pockets are left feeling pretty empty. 

But one family decided to break the normal mould of paying to live in a house and spending hundreds of pounds on gas and electric bills.

Instead, known on TikTok as The Wanderlusters, this family of four decided to live full-time in a converted bus.

The family has 80.5k followers and 383.4k likes on the video sharing platform and regularly share what it’s like to live in a bus.

Ashley and Alex have two children – Declan and Hadley – and revealed that living full-time in a converted bus comes with many perks – they can travel full-time, visiting beautiful places, but also don’t have to spend a fortune on rent or bills. 

They said: “Sometimes it’s really beautiful, adventurous and amazing and other times it’s just like regular life.

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“We still have a lot of the same responsibilities that you would have in a house but our yard and surroundings change all the time which keeps it fun.

“Our home is a converted greyhound bus – in this bus we have everything we need.

“We have 75 gallons of fresh water, 75 gallons grey, 75 gallons black.

“We have 2100 watts of solar to give us all the electricity we need wherever we are.

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“Our bus has a 200 gallon fuel tank to take us anywhere we want to go.

“We have everything a house would have – stove, washer/dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, toilet, shower, etc.

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“We can travel anywhere we want, exploring the most beautiful places, whilst still being at home.

“We love this life of adventure and wouldn’t trade it for anything!”

In another video, the family reveal their monthly expenses living and travelling full-time in the bus.

They said: “Cell phone/internet – $290 [£258].

“Truck payment – $480 [£428].

“Thousand trails membership – $200 [£178].

“Food – $800 [£713].

“Fuel (truck and bus) – $500-$600 [£446-535].

“Insurance for bus and truck – $325 [£290].

“Total: $2,695 [£2,405] per month.

“We have solar for electricity, our heat is electric so we don’t have propane.

“We mostly boondock on BLM or National Forest land so we don’t have to pay for campgrounds unless we want to.

“It’s actually more affordable than living in our house was.

“We don’t have to pay mortgage or rent payment, homeowners insurance, property taxes, no electric bill, no heating bill”. 

TikTok users were very impressed with the family’s lifestyle and took to the comments to reflect this. 

One person said: “Heaven”. 

Another added: “Yes, yes, yes! This is really the way to live!” 

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A third commented: “I want one”.

Someone else noted: “Looks great”. 

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