I look like an angel when I’m covered up – people gasp when they see my real skin | The Sun

CLOTHING can turn you into someone else if you're trying to hide what's underneath.

In one TikTok, a man proved that he looked entirely different when he covered his skin, and people were shocked.

Social media star Kevin Dien gave himself a new persona by sticking on one clothing item.

He posted a video disguising himself as an innocent angel in a plaid shirt.

Kevin's seen wearing a long-sleeve button-up shirt, a pair of glasses, and a black mask.

The caption reads: "How I feel when no one can see my tattoos."

He pretends as if he's looking for someone.

In a second, Kevin rips the long-sleeve off. He transforms into a raunchy look.

Kevin replace the full-coverage shirt with a black tank top.

His arms, chest, and neck have tattoos all over them.

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Kevin's hair is parted and brushed down.

"Vs when you can," he says.

"I'm a whole different person with my tatts."

Viewers couldn't believe their eyes.

"The audible gasp that came out of my mouth," one baffled individual commented.

"2 different persons but both are cool," another person added.

"Woah speechless," a woman noted.

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