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WASHING bedding seems like a relatively straightforward task – just chuck in all your sheets and pillowcases and then put them to dry… Right?

Well, most of us know that this is not always the case, as the bed sheets tend to get all tangled, making it a challenging mission to remove all the knots.

Like all cleaning fanatics, this is a problem one mum-of-four, Ileana (@morethancleaning) used to struggle with all the time.

But then she came to discover a tiny gadget that solved all the issues and has since become a firm favourite in her laundry routine.

Offering a helping hand, the LA-based mum took to TikTok to share the nifty device, claiming it's made washing ''so much easier''.

''You need Wad Free. Believe me when I tell you I know your pain.''

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Demonstrating the tiny plastic gadget, Ileana said: ''This little thing is amazing.

''It's actually meant for sheets but one of my biggest problems was always with duvets doing exactly what yours was doing in your machine.''

And despite solving all your laundry problems, it's not difficult to use – as the mum demonstrated in her video, all you need to do is place the plastic gadget in the centre before fitting each corner of the duvet with the matching corner of the wad.

''And that's it. You stick it into the washer, take it out and then stick it into the dryer.

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''It doesn't come into a ball or wad up – no more headaches. You're welcome.''

Praising the tiny product, she went on in the caption: ''Wad free teullybis amazing and had made washing my sheets so much easier!!!!!''

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It's safe to say that the nifty device will become a favourite for many viewers, most of whom thanked Ileana for uploading the video.

''Thank you for sharing,'' commented one.

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''You just changed my life, I love it here,'' a second penned.

Someone else recommended an alternative: ''Also tennis walls work as well.''

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