I’m 59 and have perfect ‘glass skin’ – my routine is so easy, you just need a couple of spoons | The Sun

A WELLNESS expert is her late fifties has shared her natural skincare routine, using things found in the kitchen cupboard.

Vicky Derosa shared the hack on her TikTok account, where she often shares anti-ageing tips and tricks to her followers.

In one video, Vicky said: "If you want to get clean 'glass skin' and you've tried every expensive beauty product that's been recommended to you, let me show you my beauty routine".

The 59 year old's first beauty secret is using clove water on her face.

She said: "I use this every single morning and every single evening and it just works as a great toner".

Vicky explained that to make the clove water, she simply boils 250ml of water and adds to cloves to the mixture, meaning that this skincare hack costs just pennies.

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The next part of Vicky's beauty routine is rubbing olive oil with a sprinkle of frankincense in it onto her face.

She said: "The are studies that show that frankincense does amazing things for age spots and pimples. I use this all over my face and I've seen such a difference."

Next, Vicky uses black seed oil, which is a natural remedy often used to treat headaches or back pain.

The wellness guru said: "I swear by black seed oil. If I wake up with a pimple, I put this stuff on and its gone within days".

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Vicky's last beauty hack and perhaps the one which is the most unconventional, involves the use of two metal spoons.

She said that she keeps two spoons in the freezer, and if she wakes up with bags under her eyes, she places the two cold spoons on her eyes for a few minutes and uses them like a facemask.

"The ice cold from the spoon helps me in an amazing way", she said.

TikTok users rushed to the video's comments section to share their thoughts on Vicky's skincare hacks.

One user said: "I just found my clove water in my fridge yesterday. I made it a while ago to deter ants! This is a beauty hack, are you kidding me?"

Another added: "I use clove oil and it's amazing".

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