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It's very easy to get carried away at the Christmas party – drinking too much booze and either getting too cosy with your colleagues, or telling them exactly where to go. 

And, sadly, that includes your outfit. 

With the cost of living crisis showing no signs of easing you can’t be buying a new Christmas look for every occasion.

But even so, there are some vital dos and don’ts you should be aware of when it comes to your work do – after all they are still your colleagues and while we aren't suggesting a suit, you have to be a *bit* dignified.

Here, Fabulous’ fashion editor Clemmie Fieldsend reveals what you should avoid to make sure you don’t get outfit-shamed and can show up on Monday morning without sporting a paper bag on your head. 


Cutouts are a gamble at the best of times. 

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Be it side boob, middle boob or everywhere boob, who wants to constantly feel on-watch and not relaxed at a party.

Or worse still get a little too relaxed on the office eggnog and forget that you need to be on watch. 

There's just too much jeopardy that comes with a cutout outfit.
Even model Emily Ratajkowski nearly had a wardrobe miss hap in hers.   

Whilst they may be a hit with other celebrities like J.Lo and Maura Higgins, their five minute shuffle on the red carpet isn’t the equivalent to your all-nighter.

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And if your work party requires you to get ready in a toilet cubicle there's not enough room to negotiate boob-tape and stick-ons to make sure you’ve got it right. 


Showing off your pins is always a goer when you’re after a glamorous outfit, but for your work Christmas party, it can be a disaster. 

Majority of slit skirts require a heel to elevate your overall look and add muscle definition to your legs.

But heels are a slip and topple hazard which means when you slide, even slightly, everything is on show. 

And even if you’re sitting down you have to negotiate how to cross your legs and which side of your hip you need to lean on so as not to flash the rest of your team. 

Stars like Kylie Jenner have nearly been caught out in a high slit dress. 

So for your do, either give your slit a night off or be armed with safety pins and sticky sided tape. 


Sexy, sleek and stylish, who doesn’t love a blazer dress?

But there is a time and a place, and unfortunately at a party with work colleagues isn’t one of them. 

It doesn’t matter if yours is a sit down occasion or dancing around the photocopier, they should be avoided. 

The design of a blazer is that it can be open and something can go underneath it, so that means they are roomy. 

When you’re catching up with someone or in a group conversation, anyone to the side of you or someone taller will be able to view everything underneath your blazer.

Even if you’ve spent hours strategically placing your boob tape, they’ll be able to see how strategic you were. 


We’ve all seen them, the joker of the office in a novelty Christmas jumper with something that lights up or a terrible pun plastered across it. 

Which then calls for a sympathetic ‘Ahh very funny’ comment accompanied by an eye roll. 

Don’t let that be you. 

Can can seem like the easiest option, and the warmest, but it's the least inventive and least stylish. 

So give them a swerve this year. 


Blazers are a wardrobe staple, I wear one on average every other day. 

Synonymous with work wear, they’re an easy throw on.

But once the work is done and it's time to celebrate, don't feel the urge to reach for a sequin style. 

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Not only are they a bit of a lazy option, you’ll end up looking like the entertainer for the evening. 

Stylish embellishments are the best glitzy alternative or, better still, just a stylish black, tuxedo jacket. 

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