I'm a chief bargain hunter – you can save £200 on your Aldi shop thanks to the 'super six' and knowing what days to go | The Sun

A “CHIEF” bargain hunter has revealed how to save a whopping £200 on your food shop.

Tom Church, co-Founder of shopping community LatestDeals.co.uk, raved about the “super six” and stressed the importance of getting to know Aldi’s pricing strategy.

He has revealed the killer tips he swears by to save hundreds on your next weekly shop. 

Church said: “By using these tips I save up to £200 on my grocery shopping. 

“If you follow the tips and compare prices, learn what Aldi's cheapest for and what it's not, you can stick to your budget and reduce your supermarket spend.”

His first tip is to know Aldi’s pricing strategy and not assume everything is cheaper simply because it’s in Aldi.

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The retailer’s pricing strategy merges high and low prices across the store, meaning you might be able to get some things cheaper in Waitrose or M&S, such as eggs or chicken wings.

Church explained: “A few years ago Aldi changed from being about everyday low prices (EDLP) to a hybrid of high-low pricing. 

“This is when you started to see fancier items come into the store. 

“They did it to attract mid-level income groups to become regular customers.”

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Church also advised reading Aldi’s Specialbuy leaflet online to see if you can order any bargains online before they sell out in store. 

Another is to buy Aldi dupes of products rather than the branded stuff, such as Aldi cheese puffs rather than Wotsits.

According to Church, Aldi restocks regular items on Wednesdays and specialty products on Sundays, so you should plan your trips then. 

What’s more, if you go to your local store during quieter times – such as the school run – you’ll have more time to shop around and root through the bargain bins.

Church’s biggest tip was to look out for the “super six”.

The bargain expert claimed that Aldi picks six fruits and vegetables to reduce to a “silly low price” every two weeks. 

Opting for these can save you loads on produce and help you try new veggies.

And while you’ve heard of yellow-sticker bargains, Aldi marks its reduced-to-clear items with red stickers. 

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Church self-styles as a “deals expert” and is the Chief Bargain Hunter for Latest Deals. 

He places a big emphasis on everyday savings, particularly for household goods and food shops.

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