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AN expert has revealed there is one part of our washing machines that we should be cleaning at least once a month – or else our clothes will start to suffer. 

Influencer Carolina McCauley, who has become famed on social media for her helpful home tips and tricks, shared her latest words of wisdom on her TikTok account @carolina.mccauley.

In the video, which has already been attracting attention, the Aussie mum-of-two said that many people are neglecting the washing machine filter, which will have huge ramifications in the future.

She asked: “When was the last time you cleaned your washing machine filter?”

Carolina continued: “Washing machine filters trap everything from lint to loose hairs.”

“If not cleaned properly, mould and mildew spores can get into your clothes.

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“So make sure you remove and clean your filter once a month.”

Proving what she was saying is true, Carolina filmed herself removing her dirty washing machine filter, before showing the step-by-step guide to getting it sparkling clean again. 

First, she cleaned the part of the machine that she had just taken the filter out of with some cleaning spray and a dry cloth. 

Next, she focused her attention on the filter itself, pouring washing up liquid directly onto it.

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She then took a toothbrush and scrubbed thoroughly so that she could make sure she reached the awkward spots. 

Once she’d shown the quick and easy process to her 2.6 million followers, Carolina popped the good as new filter back into the machine. 

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She said that the deep clean only needed to be done every month, but that it was essential not to forget. 

This is Carolina’s latest cleaning video in a long line of helpful home hacks. Some of her most popular include how to clean smarter and not harder and how to deep clean your dishwasher. 

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