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WE’RE all looking forward to a nice warm summer this year. But what we are not looking forward to is the pests that come with it. 

In particular those pesky summer flies that crowd your kitchen. 

Fruit flies can plague your home all year round and there are several methods to get rid of them. 

But a lot of people confuse them with drain flies. 

Drain flies live in drains and sewers. True to their name they make their way up drains to your kitchen and bathroom sinks. 

One cleaning fan has shared how she gets rid of drain flies. 

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Sarah Baus shared her hack in a TikTok video online. 

“She said: “Annual reminder that summer is also the season little flies live in your sink.”

She continued: “So pour boiling water down that drain so they aren't buzzing around your house. 

It’s also probably a good idea to make sure the rest of your sink is properly clean too.

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Sarah’s video went viral with over 2.2 million views. 

Many users said they had never heard of drain flies and despite noticing them had no idea where they came from. 

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“The flies in my house are so bad needed this tip,” another confessed.

A third viewer asked: “THE WHAT IN MY SINK?”

Some users were offering other solutions to tackling the pests. 

One user said: “Mix vinegar, sugar, and a little bit of dish soap in a small cup and leave it on the counter! It attracts gnats and kills them.”

Another suggested: “Also! You CAN keep bananas in the fridge and it will reduce the chance of fruit flies buzzing around.”

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“That and vinegar are such lifesavers!” said another. 

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