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VACUUMING your home is a necessary evil, but make sure you're not wasting your time.

An Instagram user has revealed the correct way to clean your carpet, and ensure that all dirt is removed.

Instagram user Heather Rhodes, who runs the account Woah Heather Rhodes, shared a simple vacuuming hack that will leave your carpet so much cleaner.

"Did you know one square yard of carpet can contain up to 1lb of dirt and still look clean?" Heather asked her followers.

The Instagrammer explained: "That's because most dirt falls to the base of the carpet, where the fibers are glued and/or sewn into the matting."

"So just because a carpet looks clean, doesn't mean it actually is," she added.

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The cleaning expert demonstrated the correct way to clean your carpet.

"To vacuum the most efficiently, make sure to go over the carpet or rug in both directions," Heather said.

She explained: "Always vacuum both directions to loosen up those carpet fibers to remove the max amount of dirt."

The Instagram user gave her followers an additional piece of vacuuming advice, telling them to clean their machine's filters on a monthly basis.

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Heather's fans took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the cleaning hack.

"This is why I need to follow you. I had no idea," commented one viewer.

Another user said: "Ok, I thought I was crazy for going both directions but this makes me feel better."

"Oh I am an all around this way, that way vacuumer. It’s like I can feel the dirt. With a baby crawling on the floor, I am always vacuuming," said a third person.

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