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MONEY is tight and we’re all budgeting but looking good, and expensive, need not cost you. 

“Fashions fade, style is eternal” was said by designer Yves Saint Laurent, and he was right.

Here Clemmie Fieldsend lists the five trends you should avoid to stop making your outfits look cheap.  


Eyelash jumpers or cardigans are the styles you see with hundreds of threads of fabric hanging off them that look like – you guessed it – eyelashes. 

With a most made polyester they come with a sheen that makes them highly visible.

Unfortunately they’re dated and haven’t been in fashion for a fair few years, if you’re after a textured and cosy jumper try a chunky cable knit or a teddy jacket. 


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Usually a go to fabric for sofas and armchairs, chenille is a hard wearing fabric that's cheaper and lasts longer than velvet, but it shows. 

Chenille clothing has a sheen in it, similar to eyelash knits, which gives it that cheaper look, but you can get velvet pieces that don’t have that high-shine and feel just as, if not more, luxurious and cosy. 

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Rips, tears and stains are often a designer favourite, with brands like Balencigas “dirty trainers” that retail at £1,290.
But there's nothing stylish or timeless like a wardrobe that's full of mucky clothes and shoes. 

Distressed clothes give the impression that you don’t care about the upkeep of your clothes, whether or not that matters is different person to person but it may count in someone's first impression of you. 

Wear and tear is unavoidable when wear something too much, but avoid buying items that have a distressed look to begin with. 


Brand logos are a way of showing off your favourite brands, but too big and too much branding can give the impression that you’re showing off too much or wearing fakes.

If you are fortunate enough to bag yourself designer gear branded with their initials or logos it's best to keep them as small as possible as bold logos distract from your outfit and you.

Discrete logos on accessories like shoes, bags and belts are the best way to go. 


Bold and beaded jewellery has had its day.

When we saw Freedom at Topshop disappear from the high street, so did the big chunky necklaces and bracelets with big gems or stones on them.

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Opt for minimalistic metal jewellery in chunky or delicate styles.
They add an elegant yet modern finish to any outfit and look more expensive. 

Plus, they are dateless so you can wear them for years to come. 

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