I’m a gym girl – I showed how I get ready to work out in 5 steps, and people say I’m ‘body goals’ | The Sun

ONE female fitness fan prepped for her workout in front of the camera.

The gym girl showed her six-step pre-workout dressing routine, and people complimented her body.

Arev (@endicci) layered up for the gym in her recent YouTube video.

The LA-based creator isn't one to throw on a pair of old shorts and a baggy T-shirt.

Her outfit is multifaceted, like her fitness regimen.

"Get ready with me for the gym on a rainy day," she said.

Her long black hair was ruffled in the back as she stood in long gray sweatpants and a white sports bra.

First, she switched the comfy sweats for some tight-fitting exercise leggings.

And because it was rainy, Arev opted for a warmer option for a top. She put on a cropped black long-sleeve shirt.

She walked out of the frame to grab even more clothes. The fitness guru came back with a big black puffer coat.

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Her shoes were a pair of low-top white Converse thrown over checkerboard socks.

Arev grabbed her gym backpack and swung it over her shoulder.

She turned around to get one more look at herself before heading off.

While Arev was focused on putting the exercise attire on, viewers zoned in on the look of her body.

Over 2,100 YouTube users commented on Arev's appearance.

"Literal body goals," one excited fan said.

Another enamored individual wrote: "You are so gorgeous I wish I looked like you."

Some viewers criticized Arev's choice of clothing, saying it was "too revealing."

A harsh hater remarked: "Girls complaining why men look at them* Also girls: wear the most tightest sweatpants ever.*"

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"What's up with people these days, especially girls? The clothes they wear to the gym are something next level," one rude viewer added.

An honest woman admitted: "I don’t like going to the gym in anything tight. A+ for confidence cause I wear as baggy as possible clothing."

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