I'm a laundry expert and your pillows carry dust mites, dead skin, and bacteria – here's how to clean them | The Sun

YOUR pillow might be full of dust mites and you wouldn’t even know it.

It’s a disturbing and even gross thing to think about but there are ways to get rid of the creepy crawlies while still getting a good night’s sleep.

Most people believe their pillows last a long time, but forgetting to clean their bedding could be affecting your sleep and overall health.

Dust mite allergies can give you symptoms such as chapped lips, swollen eyes, itchy skin and a stuffy nose, according to reports.

It’s easy to mistake these for seasonal allergies when in reality, your pillow could be the source.

Dust mites love pillows and bedding because of the warmth, moisture from human sweat and food provided by dead skin cells and dander.

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They breed quickly and hide in mattresses, blankets and pillows.


To get healthier sleep, it’s important to routinely clean and protect your bedding.

Regular washing can help get rid of dust mites and larvae but another odd chore is to freeze your pillows for 24 hours, experts have said.

According to Mayo Clinic, doing this will kill all living dust mites.

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Dust mites can survive being washed, but freezing the pillow will kill them and make your washing more effective, Dust Mite Solutions reports.

Once they’re dead, a good washing will rinse away all the dead mites and their larvae.

If you’ve noticed that your pillow feels heavier than when you first purchased it, the website says it’s time to wash it. Just be sure to freeze it overnight before doing so.

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Even if you don’t have allergies, dust mites can still irritate your skin and cause breathing, eye and nose problems.

Also, note that dust mites can’t be seen with the naked eye and they don’t actually bite you. Instead, they only eat skin cells that you naturally shed.

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