I’m a professional housekeeper and there’s a tool I can’t live without – it’s £2 and removes all the grime on stoves | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has revealed the one tool she can’t do her job without and it’s so cheap. 

Vanesa Amaro is a housekeeper and often uses her social media account to share her tips and tricks of the trade. 

In one such clip, she told viewers about a simple tool that you should always keep in your cleaning arsenal

Dressed in a white, short-sleeved shirt with a black cap on and a single pink glove on one hand, she told viewers: “As a housekeeper, a double-ended razor is something that is never missing from my cleaning kit.”

Panning the camera down towards the top of the hob, she went on: “Look at everything that I have removed with this thing.” 

The hob looked incredibly clean, with just a few dirty patches that she’d managed to take off with the tool. 


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She then demonstrated how she did it as she simply grazed the top layer around one hob with the razor. 

“This, right here, is saving me hours of scrubbing – it’s just the best,” she said. 

In the caption, she added: “What do you use on your stove?” 

And people were quick to comment as many asked: “I was wondering the same won’t it scratch it?” 

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But others answered TikTok user @vanesamaro‘s place as one person shared: “I doesn’t scratch cause u are going flat on the surface. I use one as well,” followed by a smiling face emoji. 

Another person shared: “I saw a video of you using one years ago and bought it instantly! Game changer! Thank you”. 

A third wrote: “Omg I didn’t know I could use a razor black I thought it would scratch that up”. 

“I have one for my glass top, it’s so good at getting the cooked on stuff off after you’re done cooking,” a fourth explained. 

While a fifth added: “I 100 percent agree with you. I use it on the glass front of the ovento remove any baked on grease. It never scratches.” 

A plastic, double ended scraper can be found on Temu for as little as £1.67. 

According to HobScraper.com, there are five steps on how to use it. First, you need to ensure the stove is cool and unplugged  or turned off. 

Then, you need to remove any loose debris around the rings with a soft brush and cloth. 

Next, you “hold the scraper at a slight angle and start scraping away those stubborn stains and burnt-on food”. 


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After wiping away all the debris, you can repeat the steps until the rings are completely clean and free of marks. 

What’s your favourite method to get stubborn stains out?

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