I’m a real life Legally Blonde and called the Lawyer Barbie – I wear pink just to annoy judgy men in the courtroom | The Sun

IT’S been 22 years since Reese Witherspoon starred as Elle Woods in ‘Legally Blonde’ – a film made to show girls they could be both glamorous and an amazing lawyer. 

And now a uber-ritzy influencer is proving the same on TikTok, wowing fans with both her jaw-dropping outfits and her legal success. 

Kathleen Martinez is a Texas-based lawyer who helps immigrants with their bids to stay in America. 

And she does it all while dressed in super-glam hot-pink outfits, leading jealous male rivals to label her “Lawyer Barbie”. 

Kathleen, who posts on TikTok using the handle @AttorneyMartinez, regularly hits back at cruel haters who try and dismiss her because of her luscious blonde locks and fushcia suits and accessories. 

In a recent clip that racked up more than 100k likes, the legal star told viewers that a government attorney had been “making fun of me for dressing like ‘Lawyer Barbie’”.  

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However Kathleen revealed she got the last laugh: “I made sure to wear the brightest pink suit in court when I beat him.”

“I don’t see it as revenge,” she added, “I’m returning the favour.”

Viewers absolutely love the sass, and to see Kathleen proving that looking good and being smart aren’t mutually exclusive. 

“I like Lawyer Barbie!” one fan wrote “I’m a grown woman and I think you are COOL AS HELL!!!” 

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Plenty more saw the Legally Blonde parallel, with one adding: “So you’re the real life Elle Woods!” 

In another, Kathleen filmed a “get ready with me” while she prepared for a legal conference about breaking stereotypes. 

The brainy beauty applied a perfect lip rouge, curled her blonde locks into voluminous waves, and donned a blush shift dress, accessorised with a matching bag and high heels. 

She even showed off her home decor, including neon lights and a mug with Elle Wood’s famous burn to her ex-boyfriend who couldn't believe she got into law school: “What, like it’s hard?” 

The fashionista has faced many of the same setbacks as the movie’s protagonist: she revealed in one TikTok that her first boss fired her after she refused to make him coffee. 

In a hilarious twist of fate, she added that he then came and begged her for a job after she started her own immigration law firm. 

The stunning attorney even heads to the office in a stunning fuschia sports car, flaunting her success to all her haters. 

But between all the glamour, the passionate legal expert posts plenty of clips with advice for those seeking a US green card. 

She recently filmed herself in her stunning rose office surrounded by her framed legal qualifications, informing viewers about “Five ways to speed up processing on your immigration case”. 


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