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WITH summer here and another heatwave fast approaching, many people are swapping their dark clothes for something a bit brighter.

But, according to one style expert, that's about the worst thing you can do if you want to give off an elegant or classy vibe.

Hannah Chan, who frequently shares both fashion and dating tips on her TikTok page, posted a video explaining "three fashion mistakes to avoid if you want to look classy and elegant".

Her first tip is to avoid bright colours.

"Stick to neutral colours," she added.

"It’s not that bright colours aren’t elegant, it’s just harder to pull off that ‘classy’ look with bright colours.

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"If you stick to neutral, earthy tones, you can’t go wrong with that."

Next, Hannah advised paying close attention to the material of clothes.

"Anything that looks thin or has holes in it like this is not elegant, it’s not the expensive and classy look you want to go for," she said, referring to a thin orange vest top she'd spotted on a recent trip to Zara.

"Materials that are thicker and don’t crease as easily, like this, look a lot more expensive," she added, pointing to a cowl-neck cream top.

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And lastly, Hannah suggested avoiding prints and patterns, insisting it takes "more of a trained eye to choose classy patterns".

"It's not that patterns are automatically not classy but because it’s harder to pull off and know what looks good and what doesn’t," she said.

Instead, go for something with a bit of "texture" rather than a pattern.

"Yes to the neutral earthy tones," one person commented on the video.

To which Hannah replied: "Plus they mix n match with everything."

She also added in a pinned comment on the video: "Ps: this is NOT hating at other aesthetics like baddie etc. this is just specifically for gals who wanna learn the classy style!"

Others weren't so sure about her suggestion to steer clear of the bright colours.

"For brown and dark skinned women bright colours are you best friend because they bring out your complexion," one wrote.

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As another added: "Beige creams is a no, bright colours complement my skin anyways."

"Choosing the right colours to complement skin tone is important for sure!" Hannah replied.

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