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ARE you fed up of buying your child's teacher mugs and chocolates for Christmas?

Well, you may just want to take note…because a teacher named Rebecca Schlafer has given parents a helping hand by revealing the top five Christmas gifts she's received as a teacher.

In a clip shared to TikTok (@mrs.shewolf34), she starts by saying that coming in at number 5 is something that every teacher needs.

"Fun pens that we all love!" she says.

Next up on the list of gifts she'd be only too happy to receive from her students are "fun earrings."

She notes: "They always spruce up any outfit."



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But, if you're unsure of your the teacher's personal style and taste when it comes to fashion, then no fear…because according to Rebecca, there's a much safer option – gift cards.

"I always appreciate finding these in my wallet throughout the year," she explains.

And with all that talking from morning to afternoon, being a teacher is thirsty work.

That's why Rebecca has suggested parents purchase their teachers an "insulated tumbler."

Holding one up to the camera, she adds: "This one just happens to be personalised by a former student of mine.

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"You know, teachers love bringing their many beverages to school."

Last but not least, the teacher reveals that coming in at number one are any items to do with her favourite sport's team – the Warriors.

"In my personal corner of my room, students have given me a little Warriors things throughout the years," she says.

"Gifts are not required, but if you need ideas, hopefully this helps."

The teacher captioned the post: "Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas..My personal favourites over the years."

It wasn't long before the post went viral, racking up thousands of views and hundreds of comments from social media users.

"But what if you got 23 tumblers? I’ve worried about this for my son’s teachers," asked one.

A teacher commented and agreed with Rebecca's list, adding:
"Always number 5 and 3."

A third asked: "What's the appropriate amount of money put in gift cards??"

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Rebecca, who is from the US, replied: "I think what you think is reasonable in your budget. I’m appreciative even for a $5 Starbies card.

"Remember, even a thoughtful letter is appreciated."

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