Im a plus size model and proud – fans cant look away from my chubby tum

A plus size model who is "proud" of her curves revealed fans can't look away from her "chubby tum."

Kayla Keen, 26, from Dundee, Scotland, is a cam girl and model who makes a living through her sexy antics. The self-proclaimed "blonde bimbo" dived into sex work after leaving her high street banking job due to mental health struggles.

But ever since she's been getting her kit off for cash, Kayla has never been more confident with her body. Along with horny blokes paying for the model's snaps and seductive videos, she's managed to rack up a collective 32,000 followers on TikTok and Instagram.

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Although Kayla started off by posting suggestive but not explicit content to social media to tease her naughtier bits, she's now dipped her toes into body positivity. As a curvier woman, Kayla is hoping she can pass on her confidence to other women – while still frolicking around in her undies.

She recently shared how she's not scared to embrace her "jiggly bits" and "pudgy tummy" to make her lingerie-clad content not only appeal to her male followers, but those struggling with self-love.

Speaking to exclusively with Daily Star, Kayla shared why she's promoting body positivity – and how she needed to see other shapes and sizes when growing up.

Kayla explained: "Right from the beginning when I started doing adult content it wasn’t going to lose myself to fit into a mould. The whole point of it is I’m going to be doing it for bigger girls or girls with stretch marks or for girls who might feel like they don’t fit the beauty standards.

"10 years ago, you wouldn’t see body types like mine really as models or anything like that. So that was the whole thing, I was going to be confident and comfortable in my own body not trying to change it.

"And then I did put on a little bit of weight and kind of started to go back to the old mindset from when I was younger of ‘oh maybe I need to angle myself much better or suck right in when taking a picture’.

"I feel like recently I’ve been like ‘no, that’s not what I want to do’. I want to talk about the body positive things again and show my bingo wings and all those kind of things.

"I started doing some work with LoveHoney as just a bit of a brand ambassador and they’re very much body positive as well.

"So I just took the opportunity to do both and really find myself in that again."

Despite Kayla flourishing as a brand ambassador while brandishing her bingo wings, she isn't always confident 24/7. Candidly, she admitted she still struggles with her body image some days. And for full transparency, even tweaks her photos.

But, Kayla is no longer in the mindset that she wants to look 'skinnier'. The model said: "Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sitting here being like ‘I am confident all the time and every angle and every photo I take I’ll post’ because that’s not the case.

"I’ll still smooth my skin out in photos as well and do a wee bit of editing, I think that’s pretty normal as you want your photo to look more high quality and things like that.

"But I’m definitely not losing myself in the mindset of feeling like I have to look skinnier. So that’s where the newer content has come from."

Since Kayla has catered her content towards self-love, she's seen quite the positive reaction on her social media. She's often inundated with comments from both men and women who have praised the model for showing off her natural body.

Some have admitted they cannot stop watching when Kayla flaunts her "chubby tummy" and "wrinkles". The beauty noted: "Most of mine are just so nice and so positive and they range from other women and other creators and things like that just being so lovely and so sweet and then, the sweet ones from guys and then the more kind of naughty or NSFW comments, but they're all really positive.

"So I'm quite happy, but definitely the one you're talking about the kind of and chubby tummy and wrinkles, all that kind of the response was good.

"People said ‘I can't stop watching it’ and ‘ I love this’ and ‘this is exactly what we want to see’ and it just shows you like that's what the guys are wanting as well as the girls.

"It was a boost when I needed a boost."

Kayla believes that beauty trends of the 90s and early 2000s are part to blame for her battle with her body confidence issues. But, she's not the only one. The model shared that she often has conversations with her friends regarding their feelings towards themselves.

Although Kayla believes with more and more influencers promoting positive body image, teenagers today will not be maimed with negative messages they carry throughout their lives.

Kayla expressed: "I must admit, I wish the 90s/early 2000s beauty industry could just be erased because there’s so many things I see myself doing and see my friends and the mindsets that they have, and often having conversations with them like ‘why do we feel like that?’

"Then you look back to when Britney Spears was on stage after having two kids and looking phenomenal and she was getting called ‘fat’. All the celebrity news from this period was pushed in our face from diet culture to skinny culture and ‘heroin chic’ and all that – it's definitely where so much of it [body struggles] come from.

"I feel like now if I was a young impressionable teenager and seeing more plus size or diverse models, in terms of body shape, race, having disabilities – there is so much more diversity on our screens.

"Obviously, teenagers aren’t going to be looking at my content but in mainstream media there’s so much more of that content.

"It must have a positive impact, hopefully when they’re my age they won’t have a lot of the things that we saw when we were younger."

You can find Kayla on TikTok here and Instagram here.

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