I’m an elegance expert – five popular makeup trends that are making you look tacky | The Sun

EXPRESSING yourself through makeup is always fun, but if you want to create an elegant look there are some trends you may want to avoid.

An elegance expert has revealed the top five current makeup trends which may be bringing down your look.

TikTok user Antonia Higham shared the popular makeup trends that may be making you look tacky.

The first technique the elegance expert criticized involves applying dramatic graphic eyeliner.

Antonia showed examples of eyeliner drawn across eyelids rather than just along the lash line.

She also advised her followers to avoid incorporating Euphoria-inspired looks into their makeup routine.

The HBO show heavily influenced both the fashion and makeup trends of gen z.

Characters in the show are often seen with vibrant glittery eyeshadow and carefully placed diamantes.

Another makeup look Antonia warned against is the glossy eyelid trend.

The popular trend involves adding a gloss over your completed eyeshadow.

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While eye gloss is available some DIYers have been using cheek or lip gloss to replicate the wet look trend.

The elegance expert also told her followers to avoid having an extreme cut crease if they want to look classy.

This technique involves applying two different eyeshadow colors to either side of your eyelid crease.

The result in the different shades creates a dramatic and heavily made up look.

And finally, Antonia recommended steering clear of any powders which may resemble baking powder when applied.

Over doing it with any powder may contribute to this faux pas, but using a shade that is too light for your skin tone can be particularly bad.

Antonia's followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the tips.

"I do agree that Euphoria makeup is not elegant, but I think it’s fun for a party full of teens," wrote one viewer.

Another user said: "I push back a bit on glossy lids. Doing it subtly on a no makeup makeup look is actually quite chic."

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