I'm an interior designer and there are six trends you shouldn't waste your money on…& steer clear of patterned rugs | The Sun

THERE are always a lot of trends going around when it comes to interior design, so it's hard to know which ones to follow.

But luckily, an interior design guru has revealed the six trends she advises you don't bother wasting your money on.

First up, the woman known only as @thehavenly on TikTok, advises homeowners steer clear of expensive candles and soaps.

"It's just not necessary," she says.

"I know everyone wants the Aesop soap or the Le Labo candle or whatever but as someone who has given into these trends before, it's just so unnecessary.

"They smell good and they're fancy but they're very, very expensive and you just don't need it.


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"You can just get a regular soap dispenser and fill it up with £6 soap and it probably works just as well."

She then moves onto her next interior design trend to avoid which she warns may "upset" some people.

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"The olive tree hype is probably dying," she explains.

"This is like the fiddle-leaf fig trend of 2016.

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"Everyone is going to have an olive tree in their house and then everyone is going to get rid of it because it's going to become too mainstream.

"I know this one's rough…this one hurts I know."

Moving on, the interior design guru says never to splash the cash on a checkered rug.

"You can do like a checkered table cloth or checkered accents – things like that are fine, they're great, but checkered rugs were everywhere for a while and they just become a little too trendy!"

Not stopping there, the interior design whizz point out that picture-perfect pantry organisation is also out.

"OK, we're seeing tonnes more of this lived-in kind of layered look in kitchens and pantries in general…we like this look a lot more than the perfect Pinterest look," she explains.

The interior design guru goes on to say how people are also going to be divided by her next trend to avoid – monochrome white sofas.

"The all-white monochrome sofa look is out and moody looks are more in," she says.

"We're seeing a lot more dark blues, green – having the all-white look just isn't as feasible for the everyday person.

According to the expert, the sixth interior design trend you shouldn't waste your money on is the framed TV.

"It's pretty much out," she says.

"It had everyone in a chokehold for a while…sometimes the framed TV looks a little too obvious."

Finally, she notes that we're seeing tonnes more inexpensive lighting options.

"People in the past were doing crazy ornate chandeliers and things like that and now we're just seeing tonnes of dupes coming to the marketplace an they're just as great," she says.

The video has since gone viral, racking up over 52k views and several comments from social media users – with very mixed opinions.

"Candle or soap for you and pamper yourself. It’s ok," wrote one.

A second penned: "No, but I want a tree in my house."

A third commented: "My kitchen and pantry will never not be super organised. Clutter gives me anxiety."

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Meanwhile, a fourth quipped: "Leave my checkered rug out of this."

And a further added: "Thank you for this. As a pet owner- I needed the white sofas to be out!! Just not practical at all!"

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