I'm pregnant & worry my baby girl's name will ruin her life – people hate it, but I think I’ll use it anyway | The Sun

BABY names are completely subjective – and the chances are, not everyone is going to be a fan of your chosen moniker.

While some parents prefer more traditional names, others opt for something a little more unique.

And one anonymous woman took to Reddit and told how she swayed towards the latter – so much so, she's now worrying her chosen name may ruin her child's life.

Taking to Reddit, the pregnant woman asked: "Am I ruining a child's life with the name Dae?"

She continued: "I have had the name Dae stuck in my head for years."

It is not the same style as my other top name choices (current favourites are Rosalind, Isaac, and Jude), but I still can't quite shake being drawn to this name."


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I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea, but would I be ruining a child's life by naming a little girl Dae?"

The woman added: "There are folks out there named May, Kay, and Faye, so this doesn't feel like a huge stretch."

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Would it be more intuitive or acceptable to you if it was spelled Day or Daye?"

I would be considering this as a first name, not a middle name. Please be kind."

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It wasn't long before social forum users took to the comments section to offer their opinions on the chosen moniker.

"Personally I don't think it's that bad but it could be better as a nickname," wrote one.

A second penned: "Daiya is a bit iffy, it’s the brand name of a popular vegan cheese that most vegans would associate it with."

"Idk how familiar it is to non-vegans though or how much the popularity of the product will go up in time."

A third commented: "Imagine what she will have to deal with in school growing up and as an adult. Give her a real name. Use Dae as a nickname."

Meanwhile, another pointed out: "Just to let you know that Daye is a tampon brand in the UK.

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A further added: "Would you be ruining your child’s life? Probably not."

Would you be making a poor decision? Yeah. Most likely."

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